Hey there! My name’s Katherine. I call myself The Detox Gal™.

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling refreshed. Imagine that you have all the time in the world to have your morning routine, take time for yourself, eat a delicious breakfast, and begin your day. Imagine you have enough energy to get through the day, with enough energy to spend time with your kids, or time for all of your hobbies. And imagine that you were able to get a full night’s sleep – the amount you needed, uninterrupted. What would that feel like?

What would your life be like if you didn’t feel weighed down, or even helpless or hopeless because of your health? Whether you’re feeling exhausted, powerless, or you’re in chronic pain, or simply feel “blah,” we can help you get through this.

Katherine is a full time healing practitioner, and has helped countless people overcome chronic illnesses. She got into the profession after dozens of doctors didn’t have answers for her own illnesses. After decades of no answers for 9 autoimmune conditions (and about 30 other chronic illnesses), Katherine decided to seek the answers out. From needing to take over 30 pills a day, unable to walk, and barely getting by, to living whole, and complete, and disease-free, she now helps others on their own journeys.

She combines wisdom from the most profound sources, along with intuition, to help each person heal, and come out of the darkness. It is possible to heal and feel whole again. Contact below for more details.

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